CCSD Has a Strong History of Serving the Taxpayers Well

Superintendent Dr. Scott Siegfried led a year-long process with hundreds of teachers, parents, students, school staff and community members to develop a strategic plan that would meet the needs of the district’s 55,000 students. That plan – Future Forward – was grounded in a commitment to equity and inclusive excellence.

The district held community conversations with parents, staff and students about the mission and specific goals of Future Forward.

This collaborative process included five community task forces (representing Budget, Safety & Security, Innovation, Long-Range Facility Planning and Marketing) to grapple with the challenge of how to fund Future Forward in the face of a growing budget shortfall due to chronic underfunding by the state.

The Budget Task Force and Council of Chairs made a series of recommendations to the Board of Education about cutting costs, finding new sources of revenue and asking our community to approve a bond and budget election in 2020.

The committees originally recommended a bond package of $771 million to meet the capital needs of the district. The amount was reduced to $300 million to reduce the tax burden on residents. After the pandemic struck in March, the district reduced the bond request even further to $150 million to focus on critical needs related to safety/security, mental health, career preparation and major maintenance.

Cherry Creek School District has already enacted budget cuts for the 2020-2021 school year. 

The district is reducing administrative staffing and costs by $14.3 million dollars and negotiated six furlough days for a savings of $12 million dollars to help stave off layoffs this year. The district has engaged the community through the Budget Task Force and a districtwide survey to identify more cuts and new revenue sources. We are committed to keeping cuts as far away from the classroom as possible. Less than 1% of the General Fund is used for General Administration and 83% of the District General Fund goes to direct and indirect instruction.

On Aug. 3, 2020, the Board of Education voted to call an election to raise $35 million for operational expenses and $150 million for critical capital needs.

We are grateful to the volunteer members of the Budget Task Force and Council of Chairs.

Budget Task Force 

  • Brad Arnold, Controller
  • Gabby Arnold
  • Toby Arritola, Mountain Vista Elementary Principal
  • Kimberly Avalos, Severe Needs BD Coordinator
  • Quinn Bailey 
  • Matt Batcho 
  • Francile Beights 
  • Nichole Bell, Executive Director of Elementary Education
  • Robin Berger, Special Education Technician
  • Heather Biron 
  • Stephanie Bollaro, CCSD Parent
  • Chip Boykin 
  • Kreg Brown
  • Courtney Browning
  • Jason Clark 
  • Mark Cohen 
  • Marilyn Coming, Budget Manager
  • Andrew A. Cullen, Community Volunteer
  • Mark Cutright
  • Christy Dahlen-Pagano, FNS Resource Coordinator
  • Jinah Devereaux 
  • Randi Dixon 
  • Wade Dixon
  • Kevin Doran, CCSD Parent
  • Jocelyn Ervin, Community Volunteer
  • Julie Feichtinger
  • Robert Fejeran, CEO, Urbanue
  • Leslie Franklin, CCSD Parent
  • Kristine Githara, Accounting Manager
  • Raymond Goik, Transportation, Bus Driver – Union
  • Tom Gross, Long Range Facilities Planning Committee
  • Jackie Hadley 
  • Brent Harris, Horizon Middle School Social Studies teacher
  • David Henderson, Deputy Chief of Operations
  • Dr. Judith Hilton, Retired CCSD Administrator 
  • Sarah Holder
  • Carlye Holladay, CCHS English Teacher, CCEA Representative
  • Jean Incitti, Cherokee Trail High School Principal
  • Sara Jacobs, CCSD Parent
  • Julie Jaeger, Executive Director of High School Education
  • Andrew Jamison
  • Justin Kerns 
  • Kim Kilgore, Director of Food & Nutrition Services
  • Liza Larsen 
  • Angela Lawson, Aurora City Council Member
  • Raime Leeby Muhle
  • Vicky Lisi, Director of Planning & Enrollment 
  • Joette Martin 
  • Chad Marturano 
  • Tiffany Matthews 
  • Thomas Mcdowell, Meadow Point Elementary Principal
  • Adam McKenzie, Antelope Ridge Technology Teacher
  • Isabel McKenzie 
  • Tiffany McKinney
  • Jo Metoyer 
  • Julie Mork, Community Member
  • Samantha Morris, Executive Director, Madge M. and Joseph T. Mohar Charitable Foundation
  • Seanna Mulligan
  • Derek Mullner, Executive Director of Elementary Education
  • Benjamin Petre 
  • Randy Pye
  • Mattie Prodanovic
  • Carey Rich, Special Education Technician
  • Katie Richardson 
  • Heather Sabatier
  • Seanin Rosario, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Bryan Rosenbaugh 
  • Diana Roybal, Executive Director of Elementary Education
  • Michael Schlueter
  • Pamela Schmidt, Thunder Ridge Middle School Science Teacher 
  • Li Shu 
  • Jason Simmons
  • Matt Snider 
  • Ilana Spiegel, CCSD Parent and Co-Chair of the District Accountability Committee
  • Kevin Stalder, CCSD Parent
  • Jenny Suchey
  • Kara Thielen
  • Marquetta Thomas, Infinity Middle School Principal
  • Nicole Torline
  • Ty Tymkovich
  • Bill Van Patten
  • Cyprus Williams
  • Angela Zehner, Executive Director of Middle School Education

Council of Chairs

The Council of Chairs is made up of representatives of the five task forces as well as parent and community engagement groups, including Leadership Cherry Creek, Parents Council, District Accountability Committee, District PASS Committee (Parents for Academically Successful Students, Special Education Advisory Committee, Advanced Academics Parent Advisory Council, Parent Information Network, Cherry Creek Schools Foundation and the Medical Advisory Board.

  • Norman Alerta, Director of Assessment & Performance
  • Michelle Austin
  • Jennifer Ballard, Entercom Denver and CCSD Parent
  • Stacey Brandon, Director of Inclusive Excellence
  • Valencia Culbreath 
  • Julie Dreifaldt
  • Laura Felix, CCSD Parent
  • Keith Frazier, CCSD Parent
  • Dr. Leon Greos 
  • Sarah Grobbel, Assistant Superintendent
  • Jill Henden, Executive Director, Cherry Creek Schools Foundation
  • Terry Jones 
  • Liting Li’
  • Janise McNally, Wellness Coordinator
  • Amy Plog, Coordinator of Health Services
  • Rebecca Lopez, Director of Gifted & Talented Education
  • Brian Rooney 
  • Rhetta Shead, CCSD Parent
  • Abbe Smith, Chief Communications Officer
  • Chris Smith, Chief of Staff
  • La Toyua Tolbert, Director of Inclusive Excellence
  • Michelle Weinraub, Director of Health Services
  • Kelly Yoder, Parent Co-Chair of SEAC

Cherry Creek School District is Frequently Recognized for its Fiscal Responsibility

Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)

Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting – every year since 1993 (27 years).

Honored as participants in the GFOA’s Alliance for Best Practices in School Budgeting.

Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO)

Meritorious Budget Award – every year since 1997 (23 years).

High District Credit Rating

Cherry Creek Schools is one of the few school districts in Colorado to have a credit rating of AA1, which is a testament to the district’s financial management and fiscal responsibility.

The AA1 credit rating qualifies CCSD for the lowest interest rates possible, saving taxpayers money. (Note: No Colorado school districts hold a AAA credit rating, the highest possible rating.)

Endorsements from Community Leaders

“Strong schools and excellent teachers are essential for a thriving economy. Please join me in supporting ballot measures 4A and 4B to ensure that Cherry Creek Schools continues to deliver excellence in the classroom for our kids.”

Mike Coffman

Mayor of Aurora


“The strength of the Cherry Creek School District manifests in many ways, but the positive relationship between schools and the surrounding communities is truly unique.  You built our schools.

Your support is being asked for again to maintain that investment and to ensure that the best personnel and opportunities are present for students in each of those schools.  Thank you.”

Mary F. Chesley

Former superintendent

“I moved to the Cherry Creek Schools district 27 years ago so my three children could receive an excellent, world-class education.  I experienced firsthand how the district put students first and saw them excel in academics, arts, activities & athletics. CCSD has a long-standing tradition of supporting our schools by successfully passing Budget and Bond elections.  We are proud of the ‘promises made, promises kept’ and our fiscal stewardship of our taxpayer dollars. As I’ve said before and will say today, excellent schools are the pillars of a strong community and directly impact our local economy by attracting new businesses and keeping property values high.  Now, more than ever, we must come together during these unprecedented times to pass 4A & 4B – please join me in voting Yes this November!”

Jennifer Churchfield

Community member, parent and past CCSD Board of Education President

“In these challenging times, now, more than ever, we need to protect and sustain excellence in Cherry Creek Schools for all children. As a parent, former board of education member, and now grandparent, I want to ensure that every student has the opportunities for educational excellence in a safe and caring environment that my children received. Please join me in supporting 4A & 4B!”

Wendy DeBell

Past CCSD Board of Education President and longtime volunteer