Thank You Cherry Creek Voters!

Measures 4A & 4B will provide $35 million in operating funds and $150 million in long-term bond funds to:

  • Recruit and retain the best teachers, and keep class sizes small;
  • Keep mental health workers in every school;
  • Keep a registered nurse in every school;
  • Build a mental health/day treatment center for students;
  • Install new safety systems for schools including intercoms and push-button deadbolt locks;
  • Provide camera and fire system upgrades throughout the district;
  • Provide funding for every high school to create innovative environments;
  • Expand programming options for in-demand careers that will drive Colorado’s economy;
  • Expand nursing and mental health certification programs; and
  • Build a new elementary school in southeast Aurora to alleviate overcrowding.

Vote 4A for teachers and nurses! Vote 4B for mental health and safety!

Our Budget Crisis

Over the past decade, Cherry Creek Schools has been shorted a half billion dollars by the state of Colorado in addition to another $25 million cut from the state this year.  Budget shortages affect the well-being of our students and teachers significantly. Our primary means of adapting is through eliminating teachers and increasing class sizes, because there are no other areas to cut, when 90% of the budget is salaries and benefits. This runs patently afoul to our commitment to our students, their families, and our community to provide the best education possible.

Our Plan

We are asking voters to support Cherry Creek Schools by passing a budget election to raise $35 million for operational expenses and a $150 million bond election for priorities including:

  • Keeping our excellent teachers, and maintaining small class sizes;
  • Preserving nurses and mental health professionals in every school;
  • Building a mental health day treatment facility for our students;
  • Providing critical technology upgrades and security improvements;
  • Constructing innovative learning spaces in all high schools; and
  • Building a new elementary school in southeast Aurora to alleviate overcrowding.

The combined impact of the recommendations to homeowners totals $1.65 per month for every $100,000 of home value. Learn more about our proposed measures here –>

Our Commitment to Being a Good Steward of Taxpayer Dollars

We recognize that asking for the community to invest in us requires trust and transparency. The district has already initiated budget cuts for the 2020-2021 school year. We have engaged the community for input and feedback through the Budget Task Force and a districtwide survey to identify further options.

Points of Pride

Our teachers have some of the best working environments statewide and our parents consistently tell us that they love their children’s teachers. Learn more about what makes Cherry Creek School District truly special.